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That’s a juicy offer!

That’s a juicy offer!

Experience the juicy taste of summer discounts: the sweetness of easy shopping and refreshing tartness of long-awaited new products. The scents of ripe berries, exotic tropical fragrances, and a vibrant summer vacation mood all came together in the new Faberlic catalogue. Enjoy!

Face masks from the Juicy mix care series will become your daily companions! Moisturizing, refreshing, and lifting won’t take long – just 15 minutes for one procedure.

n entire collection of scented shower gels has appeared in the Botanica series. No matter what happens, these natural ingredients will help you be the mistress of your mood. Vibrant scents and natural plant extracts will help care for your hair: new shampoos and balms for your hair type that can be used every day!

We’re still adding to our build-your-own fragrance set. For lovers of inner harmony, we have prepared a delicate white tea scent (3042), and rich mango (3043) and lychee (3044) fragrances for the hopeless romantics who are ready to enjoy tropical abundance again and again. Try new combinations and create your own!

Another new product has been added to the “Perfect Body” program. Repair Anti-Stretch Cream (1216) from the Expert series fights stretch marks – makes them less visible, smoothes skin and gets rid of tightness. Use it for correction and for prevention after sudden weight fluctuations.