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Laundry detergent and antistatic spray as a gift for registering!

Laundry detergent and antistatic spray as a gift for registering!

Faberlic concentrated laundry detergent eliminates stains, protects fabrics, and is suitable for children’s clothes. It can be used for washing cotton, linen, polyester and acrylics. Just one spoonful is enough to get your laundry clean!

Everyone who registers with Faberlic and makes a purchase from catalogue №10/2018 will receive a concentrated laundry detergent of their choice and an aquatic antistatic spray!

1. From 2 till 22 July, register on and receive a discount starting at 20%on all products.1

2. Before 22 July, pay for an order totaling 21,99 EUR/ 19,49 GBP or more (at catalogue prices)*.

3. From 23 July till 12 August, receive a laundry detergent of your choice** and an aquatic antistatic spray for textiles as a gift  with your next order.

*Not including auto-delivery, service charges, and delivery fees.

** You can choose one of the four laundry detergents: Winter Freshness (11536), Alpine Meadows (11535), Universal (11525), For Colors (11526).