Faberlic is tirelessly engaged in developing and manufacturing new products and advising its customers – people who care about face and body care, skin-friendly make-up and perfumery.

Faberlic Latvia
Address: Elizabetes street 103,
Riga, Latvia, LV-1050
Phone: +371 29 222 163

Quality and ECO

Faberlic Policy of quality and ecology

Faberlic guarantees products of high quality only that satisfy our customer’s needs. Modern technologies and unique ingredients application of which proved by results of scientific research, are used for production.
Faberlic undertakes the following obligations to increase products quality level and customers’ level of satisfaction constantly:
    • to support guidelines of quality management system at all stages of products life cycle: starting from creative idea to its realization;
    • to study its customers’ needs attentively and work for satisfaction of demand constantly;
    • to expand the assortment of the issued products entering new markets and categories;
    • to increase effectiveness of the issued products;
    • to select raw material, package and printings suppliers accurately as well as constantly work on creation of the list of the Company’s trusted partners;
    • to pay focused attention to quality of ingredients, components and the very process of production to increase quality of the issued products;
    • to train employees of the Company constantly to increase their professional skills;
    • to launch innovative technologies and ingredients allowing to achieve maximum effect from application of the products;
    • to increase results of quality management system constantly.
Environmental protection Rules of the Company:
    • to comply with the requirements of the legislation in the sphere of environmental protection, to monitor and analyze environmental requirements and react immediately if they are amended;
    • to increase the level of ecological safety by provision of sustainable and ecologically safe production as well as careful approach to application of natural resources;
    • to decrease level of negative influence on the environment decreasing volume of factory wastes;
    • to increase effectiveness in application of water resources decreasing volume of water consumption per article and water;
    • to analyze regularly influence of the Company’s activities on the environment and take into consideration the results when taking business decisions to decrease negative influence on the environment;
    • to increase awareness of the Company’s employees in the sphere of environmental protection and provide adequate level of comprehension of importance of ecological aspects;
    • to increase constantly the results of ecological management system.