Faberlic is tirelessly engaged in developing and manufacturing new products and advising its customers – people who care about face and body care, skin-friendly make-up and perfumery.

Faberlic Latvia
Address: Elizabetes street 103,
Riga, Latvia, LV-1050
Phone: +371 29 222 163

About Faberlic

Faberlic story

What comes to your mind, when you see or hear name - Faberlic?

We would like you to instantly think of oxygen cosmetics. Our company has been devoting more than 15 years to the creation of the necessary care products for your skin, combining scientific advancements, high technologies and natural healing power.

Faberlic (pronounced – Faberlik) is made up of two words: FABER, which in Latin means MASTER, and LIC, which translates from the Russian language means IMAGE. We are proud of the fact that at Faberlic does work real masters – the company’s founders Alexei Nekaevy and Alexander Davankov, the candidate of medical sciences head of the Center for Scientific Research Rimma Korneev (dermatologist, scientific editor of Kosmetik International magazine), our Consultants and Directors.

Already one year after its foundation, in 1998, Faberlic acquired the Akvaftem® patent for an on-use perfluorocarbon-based emulsion, which provides additional oxygen in deep skin cells. This day can be considered as an oxygen cosmetic birthday. Now 24 more have joined this patent and will continue cooperation with leading cosmetology, perfumery and make-up specialists.

Since then, Faberlic has been working tirelessly in the development and production of new products, and advising clients – people who care about face and body care, skin-friendly make-up and perfumery.

Welcome to the Faberlic family!


Factory in Moscow that is owned to Faberlic is of more than 35 000 sq.m. with a state-of-the-art infrastructure.


Modern technologies and unique ingredients application of which proved by results of scientific research, are used for production.


Faberlic products are distributed by regional dealers – representative offices. In the Baltic States, such a representation is Faberlic Baltija and our directors with their consultants and privileged buyer structures.

Simply put, the Faberlic Baltic has a large warehouse. The products can be purchased by consultants and registered privileged buyers (with customer numbers). In cooperation with its parent company in Russia, Faberlic Baltija prepares prices and promotional materials for products, promotions and special offers, which are used by directors and consultants in their work.

If you are planning to become a part of the Faberlic family, you should know that it does not matter where and from whom you buy Faberlic products because they all sell it at the same price. The most important thing is to choose and understand your goals, when you are starting to work with us. So we want to introduce you to a family of three big groups – Privileged Buyers, Consultants and Directors.


Privileged customers register with the company through a consultant what gives special rights – independently buy any product in any quantity on the Internet. Privileged buyers can return up to 26% of the purchase amount with our CASHBACK system.

If you are planning to be a privileged buyer and you are not attracted to additional profit opportunities, you will have to choose which consultant to work with. Get acquainted with the experience of the chosen consultant, the style of work, and ask how often consultants are trained. It is these three factors that will determine how comprehensive your answers will be to your questions.

You have the opportunity to choose the most convenient way of communication with your advisor – by phone, email, skype, forum, website, meetings or meeting face-to-face.


Faberlic consultants are passionate about cosmetics and earn by doing what they like:

  • Searches and attracts new customers and sells Faberlic products,
  • Answers to questions of interest, meets potential buyers,
  • Participates in product presentations at shopping centers and elsewhere (prospecting),
  • Independently learns a lot new, learns direct marketing marketing, customer psychology, participates in various seminars.

If you are planning to become a consultant for Faberlic, you will definitely pay attention to the following before signing up.

Who and what is your Director? What and how does Director offers his/shes group and team? In the future, you will be the Seller or even become the Director, and you will need to know everything about the products, their effects, the company and the possibilities. You will work directly with clients, and you will have to answer a lot of different questions – both serious and sometimes stupid. Therefore, it is very important to you, what training opportunities will be provided by your Director.

Yes, we love Faberlic. Yes, we sell and make profit, but we do it because we like Faberlic cosmetics, we use it for ourselves and we want our customers club to be as big as possible. We also like our team – people working with Faberlic products, because they are active and attractive. Therefore, one more thing to keep in mind is the atmosphere in the group you are about to engage in, interconnection and joint activities.

And finally – Faberlic is a relatively new player in the Latvian market. We are not yet known as well as Avon or Oriflame, but we still have everything ahead! This opens up a wide range of opportunities for people to entertain, as not everyone knows about Faberlic’s offer.

The Faberlic network of consultants is not so extensive, and there are opportunities for you to earn extra money. Not everyone lives in big cities, where there is a huge supply and easy to find and reach out to customers. It is therefore very important that the Director can help you find and attract customers. We can work anytime and anywhere. We have a wide range of people working with Faberlic – students, people with special needs, a lot of young mothers and also pensioners. Cosmetics are used and sold to people from the age of 14 to … it would not be polite to name the years.


Directors are people engaged in teamwork – training, presentations, information exchange, organization and management of work. Directors help their consultants find and attract customers, explain how to best work with clients so that everyone gets the expected effect from our innovative cosmetics.

This group’s Director since March 2008 is Dace Āboliņa.

If you want to be a Consultant or Preferred Buyer, remember that you can change this status at any time by buying less often or on the contrary – starting to work actively.

Registration to become a Faberlic Consultant or Preferred Buyer is identical, however, you can inform your Director to send more information about business opportunities or, on the contrary, only informs about promotions and promotional offers, or at all does not interfere. We respect everyone’s wishes.

To register for a Faberlic Consultant or Preferred Buyer with your own company number and the ability to purchase products cheaper, fill out the application below which we will receive and take care of the rest.